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Poppet - Hand Dyed Yarn

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Channel the duality of folk magic with Poppet, a captivating colourway that embodies the intricate balance between benevolent intentions and darker desires. Dusky rose pink envelops the yarn like a cloak of protection, while speckles of rose and dark brown hint at the complex nature of magic and its potential for both good and ill. Inspired by the folk magic tradition of crafting dolls to represent individuals for spells of protection, healing, and manifestation, Poppet invites you to wield the power of intention with reverence and responsibility. With each stitch, you'll feel the ancient whispers of folk magic guiding your hands, as you weave spells of love, protection, and healing into every project. Yet, as with all magic, there is a shadow side—a reminder that the same power used for good can also be wielded for harm. Tread carefully and mindfully as you navigate the realms of intention and consequence. 

DK Weight Yarn

Hearth DK

100% New Zealand SW Merino | 220m per 100g

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Colourways may appear slightly different on your screen than they do in person, and I have taken every care to ensure the picture on my site reflect the true colours. Turning up the brightness on your device may help.
As with all hand-dyed yarns, there may be slight variations between skeins due to differences in dye lots and potential deviations in application of the dyes. It is recommended you purchase enough yarn for your project at the one time to ensure you receive skeins from the same dye lot to maintain some consistency. Alternating your skeins every row or few rows is a good practice when working on large projects to avoid undesirable colour pooling or noticeable variations.
Yarns are rinsed and washed after the initial dyeing process, however, some bleeding may still occur with the first few washes. Handwashing separately in cold water is recommended and laying items flat to dry will ensure they maintain their shape.

This yarn comes from a pet friendly household and while care is taken to remove the potential for allergies, please keep this in mind when placing your order.